About Me


Lets get acquainted

I have tended to live a life in service to others, beginning with a career in the armed services at the age of seventeen. More recently, following a decade long career as a midwife, my focus on teaching mindfulness and compassion is inspired by my own journey of posttraumatic growth as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and life itself.


Mindfulness Saved My Life

I was introduced to the concept of mindfulness through a workshop on depression hosted by Ruby Wax. This encounter proved pivotal in my recovery from  depression and the psychological effects of childhood trauma. My mindful journey was to continue with an eight week Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC) coupled with a daily mindfulness practice.


My Mindful Journey

 Overwhelmed with the simplicity and efficacy of mindfulness  practice, coupled with an interest in neuroscience, my inherent desire to help others develop their own mindful journey was forged.  I attended a Workplace Mindfulness Training (WorkplaceMT) course with The Mindfulness Exchange (TME) to teach mindfulness designed specifically for the workplace. Three years on, I have completed  an MSc in Mindfulness and Compassion at Coventry University and published a research article in the journal Mindfulness.