Mindfulness and Compassion Training and Workshops

Midwifery Unit Mindfulness (MUM) Friendly Program

Raising awareness of work related stress is shown to be the first step in the promotion of individual and cultural change to alleviate factors linked to its causation. Mindfulness offers an enabling way of understanding and coping with work related stress, in contrast to the ineffective strategies currently employed by maternity staff. 

The MUM Friendly Programme is offered as a full-day introductory workshop or a condensed four-week program  to meet service needs. The contextual framework and experiential format utilise an array of key formal and informal mindfulness  and compassion practices, inquiry and didactic teaching which build to not only  provide an understanding of work related stress but facilitate our inherent mechanism for coping with stress, improving relationships and wellbeing, and facilitating a capacity for selfcare and improved care provision. 

The full programme structure, key practices, and modifications to meet specific workplace needs can be discussed on request. Drop in workplace sessions can be arranged to support long-term mindfulness practice and cultural change of the workplace environment.


Mindfulness at Work - WorkplaceMT

WorkplaceMT is an evidence-based approach to teaching mindfulness to meet the demands and challenges of the modern day workplace validated by the Chartered Management Institute. Unlike traditional MBSR and MBCT, WorkplaceMT is designed specifically for the needs of leaders, managers and employees who wish to develop mindfulness.

Workplace MT is designed to be taught in a standard meeting room without the need for additional equipment or unusual room layouts, helping employees to develop mindfulness skills over a six week period. 

  • For organisations that need a time effective mindfulness training solution that delivers tangible workplace outcomes
  • Evidence informed approach based on MBCT incorporating the latest research 
  • 6 weeks x 60 minutes training a week
  • 50% taught input, 50% experiential learning 
  • Teaches a combination of formal mindfulness practices along with informal 
  • Home practice requirement of around 10 minutes a day for the full duration of the course


Bespoke One to One and Group Mindfulness

Mindfulness and compassion sessions are available on a one to one and group basis. Varying topics are available to meet you needs including a one, or two hour introduction to mindfulness session. Courses can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual or organisation. Whether you want to reduce stress, improve communication and teamwork, or develop emotional intelligence or resilience, we can work with you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Mindfulness and Compassion Talks

A Compassionate Journey From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Utilising my experiential knowledge of both a life in the shadow of childhood sexual abuse, and mindfulness and compassion, this talk delivers key insights through the eyes of a case study. Key issues covered include:

  • Impact of childhood trauma
  • Mindfulness in the context of trauma
  • Compassion and self-compassion
  • Components of a self-compassionate frame of mind
  • Self compassion as the holy grail for trauma survivors
  • Compassion, meditation and trauma
  • Posttraumatic growth

This can be delivered as a stand alone talk or in conjunction with an introductory workshop for mindfulness and compassion. Ideal for delivery to both survivors of childhood sexual abuse or trauma and those who come into contact with abuse survivors.


Teaching Network

Location and Affiliations

Although based in South Yorkshire, I am willing to undertake sessions nationally. 

In addition, I am affiliated to Compassionate Minds, a dedicated group of mindfulness teachers with individual specialities from varying locations around the country who have developed their own mindfulness practice over several years and who are all trained in mindfulness and compassion to masters level. For further information visit www.compassionateminds.co.uk